Quinoa RestaurantMatias from QuinoaMatías Fernàndez Hernàndez owns the popular restaurant Quinoa in Falset high street. Matías is a young chef who is making a name for himself in the region thanks to his creative dishes and incredibly decent prices, especially on weekdays. He offers a three course menu for 11 Euros house wine included, which really is hard to beat anywhere else in the region. has awarded this restaurant three tortoises (some may say the equivalent of three Michelin stars!) for the quality of the food served in relationship to price, atmosphere and general customer service. recently interviewed Matías and this is what he said:-

What does cooking mean to you?
It is a way for me to express to people what I like doing.

How would you define the style of cooking at Quinoa?

It is based on seasonally available food with some touches of signature cuisine. It is fresh and rejects all that is artificial and mediocre.

In wine terms, is there a discerning factor about Quinoa?
This building formerly served as a winery. The thick natural stone walls kept a constant temperature which was favourable to the wine stored here. We would like to continue this tradition of working with wine through our creations in the kitchen.

Thank you Matías Fernández from Quinoa Restaurant.



MATÍAS FERNÁNDEZ is the chef and owner of QUINOA restaurant in Falset town centre. Despite his youth, Matías has earned himself a reputation for offering well presented quality meals at excellent prices. interviewed him recently. READ MORE....


Minerva Pi has just brought out a second edition of her popular "Priorat Cuisine" cookbook. Roser Vernet has re-edited the original version: "Priorat a taula" which was out of print. Available at various shops and the Priorat Tourist Office in Falset, but only in Catalan - sorry!
.Cuina Prioratina, Minerva Pi

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