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Anna Figueras and Rachel RitchieAnna Figueras and Rachel Ritchie have created VisitPriorat.com. Both of us are interested in history, culture and museums. We both love the Priorat, a region which we have discovered separately and have found our home here. We love to tell people about the special place where we live with our families. Anna is a cultural anthropologist who specialises in wine tourism and historical research about wine and olive oils in the Priorat. She is now the proud owner of one of the most emblematic stately homes of the Priorat, Cal Compte (www.calcompte.com) Rachel is a Modern European Languages graduate (www.rachelritchie.com) who came to the Priorat from her native England via Barcelona whilst doing research on the Spanish Civil War for the University of Barcelona. She is married to a "Prioratí, and now works as a freelance wine guide/translator and for the Priorat Tourist Board. Time permitting, she spends her time working on historical stained glass after having had initial training at the Glass School of Barcelona.

VisitPriorat.com has been based on our experiences and knowledge of the area with the idea to better interpret this area for future visitors.

VisitPriorat.com is also a site which offers advice on places to visit, places to stay, things to do etc...We have made a careful selection of what we think are the most representative establishments or locations for visitors to the Priorat region.

We are full of ideas and want to develop VisitPriorat.com and make it a reference point for English-speaking visitors to the Priorat. We know where we are starting from, but who knows where we will end up in the next few years! This site is guaranteed to be continually evolving!

OUR Supporters

We have made a careful selection of certain establishments here in the Priorat. We have chosen them for their quality, customer service, originality.... Once chosen, we have invited these establishments to sponsor our project and in return we offer:--

  1. Direct Link from this site to sponsor's webpage
  2. More extended information on our site about their business
  3. Advertising space on this site
  4. Communication of special offers
  5. Information on set packages
  6. Ideas and back up for the organisation of events and activities

VisitPriorat.com is not aimed at making money. We would like the money it generates to be used to create more activities and events for visitors to the area.

This project has been partially financed by a grant received from the "Departament of innovation, Universiies and Private Companies" of the Catalan Autonomous Government (PLADETUR).

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